One of the best moments of many people's days is that moment in the evening when they slowly sink into a bathtub full of hot water and bubbles. Well, ok, bubbles are perhaps not for everyone, but who doesnt' like a hot bath to wind down before bedtime? I know I do.

I put my savings in the bathroom

I had a miserable bathroom up until recently, but I still had my evening baths in there. I set the lighting down and switched on som chillout music and ignored all the ugliness. I can't deny though, that i Nurtured a dream of a brand new bathroom in light shades and sophisticated details and saved up money for that particular project over the course of almost a year. The time for my bathroom remodeling came this spring and I was adviced to hire Kerkinni & Company in Minneapolis for the job (and I was confidente about that choice already after our first conversation on the phone).

I had plenty of ideas, but didn't know what was doable and what might be better elsehow so I'm really glad I had a super esperienced remodeling firm to help me out, guide and support me through the whole project.

I still spend almost every evening in my bathtub, and now it's such a pleasure to enter the bathroom. It's light, warm and inviting - and full of modern solutions. 

The next thing to save up some money for will be the kitchen.

10 Oct 2017

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