It´s almost impossible to understand how a pair of sweaty hands can be a problem, until you experience them yourself. Not being able to shake a strangers hand can be mistaken for rudeness, and to shake their hands with clammy palms can be even worse. It´s a catch 22 to be honest. Luckily there are ways to remedy the problem and here I will present 3 common ways to get rid of clammy and sweaty palms.

1. Powder can help

Baby powder, or cornstarch, can be very effective. Keep a bottle of powder on you at all times and make it a habit to pull it out and douse your hands. The effect is immediate and will hide your problems from other very effectively. The downside of this method is that it is hard to hide. Everyone will see you use the powder, and it can end up on your clothes.

2. Iontophoresis

Iontophoresis is a very fancy name for a treatment that includes electric current. This is a treatment that is used for severe cases of hyperhidrosis and has proven to be extremely effective. Iontophoresis cures sweaty hands and feet by a series of treatments. You simply emerge your limbs into a bath that then will be used as conductor and treat the illness. This is perhaps the best way to treat clammy hands since it is a long term solution.

3. Alcohol

Not drinking it mind you, but for external use. Wipes with alcohol can slow down the perspiration an make you hands dry. The method is simple to use, but has no long term effect. Using alcohol for reducing sweat is also drying your skin out, which means you will need to moisturize often. And lotions on clammy hands can make the problem worse.  


17 Apr 2019

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